Thursday, October 6, 2016

PDFelement Review: Best PDF Converter and Editor

Outline: Wondershare PDFelement is one of the most effective PDF Editor which can be used for all time of PDF work. It is way above than many of the standard PDF editors available in the market. If you deal with PDF's then I bet PDF Element is the right tool for you. 


If you are in need of a PDF converter, editor, as well as anything to do with PDF files, then you got to think about using Wondershare PDF Element. If you have a look at the review of this software, you will only find accolades and a lot of recommendations. Yes, the software is definitely the best in the market, and continues to exhibit a lot more than most of the competitors like Acrobat X. So, if you're looking into a very simple interface, a simplistic design, and something that can help you to look into the basic needs and wants of software, then this is the kind you need to go for. 

With this particular software, there are a lot of benefits that you could actually get. 

1. Altering the Text 

With Wondershare PDF Element you can alter the text, change the fonts, and do a lot of typing, without any kind of issues. This software supports excellent updates and wonderful calligraphy. So, if you would want to imbibe such kind of features, then it is important that you think about using this software. 

2. OCR - Only available for PDFelement for Windows 

Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology can be found in the software. It can turn all the scanned documents into something that is fully editable. You will be able to search, as well as format, resize and edit the document and all the text located within it. There are also multiple languages that shall be supported, which includes English, German, Spanish, Russian, and many more. 

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3. Conversion: 

If you want to convert your PDF file to word documents, then you can easily do so with the conversion program located within the Wondershare PDF Element. This can help you to easily convert any kind of image, text, and all the popular file types into PDF, and vice versa. 

4. With the help of the PDF Element make them size appropriate, and make it to adjust in the document. 

5. If you would like to work on a legal document, and you want the easy way of identification, then you can place them on the pages, be it in the top right-hand corner or the bottom right-hand corner. These are mainly helpful for easy recognition, and also for the searching purposes. 

6. You can also create radio forms and buttons, make use of the customized field options, and go for an interactive data collection process through the help of your PDF file. All of that can be achieved with the use of Wondershare PDF Element. 

7. If you want to combine a lot of PDF files into a single file, then that feature can also be found in the Wondershare PDF Element. This is definitely the best PDF editor that you can find in the market, and it makes for a very easy organization for your needs. It is extremely simple, and will be able to provide you with the appropriate PDF file that you would want for yourself. 

8. Moreover, some of the Easter eggs for this software would have to be the password protection. There are some documents that can be sensitive, and require a certain layer of protection. So, the software has capabilities to provide some kind of restriction for the opening, editing, as well as the copying and printing of the files. This is to make sure that the document does not fall into the wrong hands. 

9. You could also add your digital signature to the PDF file. The provisions are to be found in the software, which can help you to edit and include your handwritten signature as well. 

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