Wednesday, July 20, 2016

2016 Best AnyDVD Alternatives

Try SlySoft official site ( and you will only see a blank page with a few simple words of closing statement "Due to recent regulatory requirements...". We notice that there are so many questions about AnyDVD (HD) DVD backup software out of that down issue, including: 
"I am not about to pay $67 a year for as long as I want to make backup copies of DVD's so need to find an alternative to AnyDVD. What have others found available?"  
"AnyDVD, or rather Slysoft, will never be back again? If yes, then which is the best AnyDVD (HD) alternative to rip protected DVD movies?"  
"Will this "shutdown" thing start happen to other DVD rippers AnyDVD alternative software?" 
Firstly, AnyDVD software still works even it's down at present or maybe forever. However, we still advocate finding a best AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD alternative DVD backup software, due to the never-ending updated DVD copy protection technology. As to the third question, we really cannot be sure. Most of you have been aware of the convenience to extract DVD video contents for playing on portable devices like smartphone and pads on the go, or watching DVDs at home on widescreen UHD TV sets via a server (NAS), streaming, etc without inserting physical discs. But technically, ripping commercial movie DVD is forbidden in some areas with strict DVD copyright laws, while advocated only for personal use in others. 

Here's a list of AnyDVD alternatives that are still available and are able to decrypt DVD discs enabling you to make backups of your favorite DVD movies: 

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