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How to Rip and Transfer DVD to Android Tablet or Smartphone?

If you are the owner of a DVD movie and want to transfer DVD to your Android tablet or smartphone? You shall find everything you need in this small guide:

We cannot play DVD movies directly on a tablet as it doesn't have a DVD-ROM drive. So we have to copy the contents from a DVD to tablet first. Moreover, Android accepts various video formats H.264, MPEG4, WMV, AVI, MOV, 3GP, etc. However, it cannot play DVD .vob directly. So a DVD to Android ripper is badly needed. 

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However, most commercial DVDs are usually protected against copying. So you will need to use a DVD decryption program if you want to copy the DVD content to your Tablet. You can search the related key words on line, and many results would be available. Many of you are familiar with HandBrake, but you must have encountered some common errors like Audio Sync Problem, DVD Reading issue, Conversion speed issue, etc. 

Meanwhile, most of the DVD to Android rippers/converters are charged, and you have to figure out whether the one you choose pays off. So to help you perfectly copy any DVDs to Android Tablet or phone, I’d like to give you some suggestions.

How to Choose a Good Android DVD Ripper?

The following tips will help you find a good DVD to Android converter: 
1. Easy to use: You can easily navigate this software.
2. Decryption: The software must have decryption function.
3. Supported output devices: The software should support all popular devices.
4. Quality: The software should help you copy DVD to tablet without quality loss.
. . . . . .
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For all these reasons, Aimersoft DVD Ripper (Review) and Leawo DVD Ripper is highly recommended. They're the most favorable HandBrake alternative. The program enables users to rip DVDs with the latest DVD protection technology(include Disney, Paramount, Sony ARccOS, CSS encryption, region code, UOPs, APS, RCE, etc.), and rip DVD to Android compatible video formats like MP4 with fast ripping speed and excellent output video quality.

What's more, some video editing features like trimming, cropping, rotating, adjusting video effects, etc. are provided to customize your videos. If you are using a Mac, please turn to the equivalent Mac version called Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Mac to copy DVD to Android on Mac OS X (including Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan). Get the DVD ripper now and freely enjoy your favorite DVD movies on your Android tablets or phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Amazon Kindle Fire/Fire HD/HDXHudl 2, Nook Tablet, Nabi/Nabi 2/2SNvidia Shield, HTC, LG, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, etc. As well as edit DVD video before conversion.

In additional, Aimersoft DVD Ripper can also convert DVD to all popular video formats like MP4, M4V, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, F4V, SWF, WMV, 3GP, MPEG, TP, TRP, HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MOV, etc. for using in iTunesiPhoneiPadSurface,RokuPS4, Xbox One/360Plex serverDropboxSeagate CentralGoogle Drive/OneDrive/iCloud, projectors, 3D TVs, 4K TV, media players and so on.

Take Aimersoft DVD Ripper for Android for example. First free download this DVD to Android ripper:


Note: The way to rip DVD to Android MP4 on Mac (OS X 10.6 or later) is almost the same. Just make sure you get the right version according to your computer operating system.

How to Rip and Copy a DVD movie to Tablet?

Step 1. Download a DVD Ripper and Load DVD

Download the program and install it on your PC. The install process is fast and clean.

Insert DVD to the DVD-ROM drive and then open the program. Click "Load DVD" and select the right DVD drive letter. After the DVD files are loaded, you can preview them on the right viewing window and take snapshots of your favorite movie scene. ISO and IFO files are also supported.

Note: You can also select Audio Track and Subtitle from their respectively drop-down list.

Step 2. Select the suitable Video format by clicking the "Profile" pull-down menu. Aimersoft DVD Ripper presets a set of video format for the popular portable device like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google, Acer, HTC smartphone etc. So diectly select "MP4" from the "Common Video" option.

Step 3. Start to Rip DVD for Playing on Android Tablet/Phone

When all the settings are OK, click "Start" button to start ripping DVD movies for playback on Android devices. The software supports AMD APP and NVIDIA CUDA so as to increase converting speed greatly. 

When the conversion is over, click "Find Target" to locate the ripped movie file. After that, you can connect your Android phone or tablet to computer via a USB device, there is a way:

Your tablet should come with a USB OTG cable (check with your vendor if it comes with an OTG cable or not). Using the OTG cable, you can connect your tablet to your Computer's USB port. It then acts like any other USB device connected to your Computer. You can explore the folders in your tablet's folder on your computer itself. You can copy, paste, cut or delete files in your tablet. It is the same way that you copy video files to a USB pen drive.

Other Ways to Transfer Video/Movie/Music files from PC to Android Tablet or Phone?

If your Android tablet doesn't have a USB port, you can still easily transfer your files to and from a PC. Sharon Li explains two ways this can be done.

Method One. The microSD

If you're particular tablet has a microSD card, you're in luck. You can simply insert a microSD card into the slot, save the file to the card, remove the card, and then transfer the card to a PC. Use caution with this method, because some tablets require you to mount and unmount the cards. If that's the case, you simply need to go to Settings | Storage and then tap Mount SD Card to mount the card (so it can be used by the device). When you're finished, go back to Storage and tap Unmount SD Card. If you don't manually unmount the SD card, you could lose your data.

If your tablet doesn't have a microSD card slot, you may still be able to purchase a USB and card connection kit, such as this USB and SD(HC)/MS/MMC/M2/TF card reader. Just make sure that the kit supports USB storage and that it's known to work with your device before you buy it. Some of the cheaper tools do not work well in storage mode. A bonus feature to some of these devices includes the ability to use a USB keyboard.

Method Two. The Cloud

This method is probably the most reliable and easiest. Android devices can connect to nearly every known storage solution (Dropbox, UbuntuOne, Box, SkyDrive, Google Docs, SpiderOak, etc) and do a great job of syncing your tablet with your PC. Obviously, you'll need to have the cloud software installed on the PC and the tablet. To install the software on the tablet, follow these simple steps:
  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Search for the cloud software in question
  3. Tap Install
  4. Tap Accept & download
Most cloud solutions don't automatically sync files and folders to tablets. This is done to save space. Instead, you have to selectively download the file to the device, work on the file, save the file, and then allow the cloud service to re-sync the newly edited file.

Do beware of any tablet cloud app that automatically syncs all files to the device. That could quickly eat up all of your device storage and leave you with nothing.

Even if your tablet doesn't have a USB port (or a microSD card), you can still easily transfer files to and from a PC. With the Android platform, just about anything is possible. Give one of these methods a try. If there are other ways that you transfer files to and from your tablet, please share them in the discussion thread below.

That's all! 

Now, you can try the most effective way to rip and transfer DVD to your Android tablet or phone to watch your favorite DVD movies on the go!

Know About DVD

1. DVD ( "digital versatile disc" or "digital video disc") is a digital optical disc storage format invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995. - Learn More From Wikipedia

2. DVD region codes are a digital rights management technique designed to allow film distributors to control aspects of a release, including content, release date, and price, according to the region.

This is achieved by way of region-locked DVD players, which will play back only DVDs encoded to their region (plus those without any region code). The American DVD Copy Control Association also requires that DVD player manufacturers incorporate the regional-playback control (RPC) system. However, region-free DVD players, which ignore region coding, are also commercially available, and many DVD players can be modified to be region-free, allowing playback of all discs.

DVDs may use one code, a combination of codes (multi-region), every code (all region) or no codes (region free). - Learn More From Wikipedia

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